Frequently Asked Questions

1) What topics do your clients cover in their presentations?
Our speakers critique their presentations to fit the individual client's needs. A conference report is sent out to each client at the time of booking. This report allows the client to give pertinent information about their upcoming event - such as type of event, theme being used and what they would like this presentation to accomplish for this particular event.

2) Will I be able to talk to the guest speaker prior to my event?
Yes! Once we have the conference report returned to us, we will set up a conference call between you and your guest speaker to review all details - objectives and logistical information also.

3) Since my guest speaker is a celebrity in the sports world, can I obtain athletic merchandise to have at the event for autographs and gifts to attendees?
Yes, we serve as an authorized dealer for manufacturers such as Wilson Sporting Goods and Riddell. These items will be sold at a discount rate to you the customer and can be autographed on-site by your guest speaker. Items can be given to the attendees as a memento of the event, used as table centerpieces or non-profit groups can auction these items to raise money for a worthy cause.

4) Are your athletes listed on your site available for appearances only?
Yes they are. We are happy to help you draw attention to your event or product by sending in one of our athletes to do meet-n-greet session, sign autographs or just meet your clients.

5) Are your athletes available for endorsement deals?
Yes. Feel free to call our office and pitch your idea to our staff. We would be happy to entertain endorsement opportunities for the individuals that we represent. We have worked with many companies over the years to provide quality spoke people for great companies around the US.

6) What does the client's fee cover?
This fee includes the presentation you have requested. Air travel, ground transportation and hotel needs are additional and will be noted at the time you request a quoted fee for this client. All expenses will be outlined to you upfront and will be noted on your contract.

7) When should I book my speaker or talent?
In order to prepare for your event and make sure all details are covered, it is best to contact us as soon as you know about the upcoming event. We can, however, help you secure a guest speaker with very little notice - sometimes with less than a week before your event date.

8) I have never used a speaker before and have no idea who to book, can you help me?
Our staff is available to guide you through this process by first determining the best fit for your needs, then your budget and the availability of our clients. Typically, we can offer you several names of clients that would be available to you - showing you their bio, fees and areas of expertise.

9) When will my guest speaker arrive?
Typically our clients will arrive the evening before your selected event date. This may change if flights are not available, etc., but we typically like to make sure they are on-site and that they have checked in with you so you feel confident that things are going smoothly.

10) If I want to hire a client for multiple appearances, will a discount be given?
Yes, most definitely. We would be happy to work with you and arrange for our client to work with you on several events. Discounts will be given for multiple events.


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